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Form W-2: How-To Guide

Our website presents the freshest how-to guide for filling the Form W-2 along with the template of the form that you can print and fill or fill online. In this guide, you will find all the needed information for filling the form properly from the first attempt. It includes the description of the form's purpose, the officially established deadlines, detailed filling, and submission guidelines. Don't forget that you can print the Form W 2 directly from our website. What is W-2 Form 2019? Form W-2, which is also known as IRS Wage and Tax Statement, is an important official document that must be filled by all employers who pay for services performed by their employees. The form implies remuneration that may include cashless payments higher than $600 done within the year. The W-2 lets your employer take care of your tax bill and make periodic payments to IRS.

If you're an employer, you must feel a separate employer W 2 form printable for each of your employees independently from their relation to you. The package of filled forms must include those employees who paid one of such taxes, as income, medicare, social security tax. You should also consider that the income tax can be withheld from an employee who claims one (not more) withholding allowance. The other case when the income tax is withheld is when an employee doesn't claim exemption from withholding in his or her Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate).

Employees can receive only W 2 forms for employees. If your legal status is 'an independent contractor' or 'self-employed,' you don't get the W 2 form. Instead, you have to fill the earnings statement called Form 1099. Now you know the full W-2 form definition.

Before filling out the downloadable W 2 Form, you have to gather the related documents, including federal and state tax paychecks. When you fill your tax bill (if you're an employee), you must subtract the amount of money that your employer withholds for the W-2 Form. The calculation will show you if you can wait for a refund or you still have to make an extra payment. You must do the same calculation for your state income tax return.

The printable form W-2 is split into boxes for different income-related items. The first box includes annual wage and salary, while the next box states the size of the federal tax withheld from wages and salary. The 3rd box includes the total amount of wages over the year minus the Social Security tax amount.

When everything is ready, we recommend you double-check the provided information and refill the form if something is wrong. When your form gets to IRS, it's already informed if you owe or fail to file the return. If IRS contacts you to notify about it, check the correctness of the data and ask the employer to correct all mistakes as soon as possible. All the data in the boxes must be real. Otherwise, the IRS will try to investigate the reason for it. Next, have to forward the complete form or forms to IRS no later than January 31. The best time to send it is after December 31, which is usually the date when tax year closes. It's also important to have a copy of the form for your archive. A copy of W-2 must always be attached to your tax returns. If you use the e-filing system to file W-2 Form online on {website name}, W-2 will be sent along with your tax return. If you use the printable form to send it by mail, don't forget to place it on the front of the return.

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